Project Skyfall
  • Artists want to make money from their art quickly
  • Retail Investors can recognize good/bad art and are ready to take risks on the future revenues from a piece of art
  • Direct investing is very-very hard right now, you need to be a publisher to be able to "invest" into artist


We build a publisher platform that gets the rights from the artists in exchange for 50% of the future revenues. Then, the platform sells these rights in the form of ERC20 tokens on the blockchain. When we make money selling art on Spotify/Gumroad/selling to Netflix, we pour the revenues back into the blockchain in the form of stablecoins. Each token owner will receive part of the revenue automatically.

Our role

Basically we operate as a broker. We let people invest in the art, and make sure they're not robbed in the process.
We're not a risk evaluator


  • Alice recorded an album, but haven't produced it yet
  • Alice sells 10% of the rights at 30'000$, under the 300'000$ valuation, via the platform
  • Skyfall pays 15'000$ to produce an album
  • Now, the album is traded at 500'000$ valuation already making a profit for early investors
  • Skyfall releases an album to Spotify via DistroKid
  • Album makes 50'000$ per month, which are delivered to Skyfall bank accounts and used to buy stablecoins
  • Each share owner is eligible to his part of revenue. He can collect it anytime
  • Album is traded at 5'000'000$ as it earns a lot. Early investors are up 20x
  • Alice still receives 90% of profit, making 45'000$ a month
  • We make money by capturing small fee on each trade (?)


Basic MVP Checklist