Nefertiti – Create NFT easily
Reference: instagram, onlyfans, NFT, opensea
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  1. Creators struggle with deploying their art as NFT. We help them publish their creatives.
  1. Unsold NFT create bad reputation and wrong statistics. After 24 hours, NFT is deleted if not purchased. Think Instagram Stories on blockchain.
  1. Onlyfans × NFT. Adult content creators want to build the presence on blockchain.


NFTs need a discovery mechanism.
TikTok is the best example of how to make someone famous overnight. An art gallery is the worst example of that.
People don't want to scroll a feed of art pictures as the pastime. They go to the gallery as an event instead. We need to have a feed of great content for people to check out and scroll.
We start with personal collectible/autograph/postcard-style content from influencers. Think Tumblr x Pinterest x Onlyfans x Patreon.


A digital platform where anyone can create NFT easily.
For creators
Camera-based app where you shoot and publish content. You can capture and edit photos in the app, or import your content from your Instagram profile. You can put it for sale instantly. After 24 hours, unsold pieces of content are deleted forever.
For fans
Feed of posts and stories that you can purchase. When you buy, the photo receives a "trademark" and is moved to your profile where you can optionally hide it.


  • Alex Gurov, Sugar Daddy


  • Presale 5% for 100k at 2m$ valuation


  • Build initial camera-app for creators, get to know users – gain 5-10 initial creators, bill them 10% of the sold NFTs
  • Publish first 30 content pieces
  • Build a feed-based app for fans/viewers
  • Gain traction, use viral marketing
  • Token launch after hitting 1000 DAU