Leela (NFT AR)
Finally deliver the promise of NFT
You own NFTs, but can't use it? No-one even cares that you paid 10 ETH for that one cryptopunk?

Put your NFT to use with Leela!

  1. Login with your wallet
  1. Choose NFT you own
    1. We support NFTs from OpenSea, Rarible and other marketplaces
  1. Place it in your room with AR
  1. Record and post to Instagram to show off to your friends!

Not convinced?

Buy a limited edition GOLDEN MASK and put it on your face
The people don't care about REAL anymore, the digital is the new real. You are reading this page on the screen, and you see your friends on the screen more than in real life. Why care about physical 500$ limited edition sneakers anymore when you can spend only 10$ to update your wardrobe?

Global, but local

In the future, everyone wears AR glasses anyway. Updating outfit would be as easy as putting a QR-code on your chest.
In that world, owning a digital unique art would be much cooler than buying easy-to-produce and easy-to-copycat and physical-world-restrainer piece of rags.

Reference links

  • Instagram masks
  • Apple Clips 2021 Update – colored walls

Memeing to WIN

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