Decentralized Patreon
Keywords: UBI, sustainable income, creator economy
Talented creators should work day job or do a sales&marketing job for their art.
We offer a way for a creator to receive income from monthly fan subscription. 10% of the monthly income should be re-invested into the system, and creator signs a

How it works?

  1. On sign-up, you stake 100$ to issue 100 creator tokens (similar to BitClout)
  1. You sign up a document with us where we represent your "agent" and you ought to reinvest 10% of your revenue monthly
  1. You instantly start receiving income in 6-months-locked KRYPTO.
  1. Your fans can subscribe to pay you monthly via the platform
  1. You become famous, make a bank, reinvest into the platform and make your early supporters better off.
🎃First NFT incubator