Consulting CV – Aleks Bykhun
Consulting CV – Aleks Bykhun

πŸ’»Β Aleks Bykhun

✌🏻How I can help you?

NFT launch
  • how to launch, how to find market
  • adding custom features, how to implement NFT
  • launching presale, collecting users
  • how to improve secondary market
ERC20 token
  • launch strategy, farming strategy
  • market-making, exchange listing
  • implementation, development caveats
Teamwork Enhancement
  • conflict resolution
  • arbitration and facilitation
  • coaching, problem-solving
  • Mindfulness, Meditation, Personal productivity

πŸ§‘πŸ»Β Who I am?

  • 10+ years in Software Development (JS, iOS, Blockchain)
  • (CEO, founder) – 5m$+ raised using my smart-contracts
    • 200k$ annual revenue
    • 100k+ total NFT minted, 200+ collections launched
  • (advisor) – EVM-based cross-chain bridge aggregator, 100m$+ in volume
  • (CPO) – 1bn$ total processed volume, ERC-20 token launch strategy
  • (CTO) – high-tech protocol based on HTLC atomic swaps, supports Bitcoin, Ethereum
Simplicity isn't just a visual style. It's not just minimalism or the absence of clutter. It involves digging through the depth of complexity. To be truly simple, you have to go really deep. – Walter Isaacson, "Steve Jobs"
Love applying my mind to hard problems and reshape them into easy ones.

πŸ’» References

Greatly helped me understand the future of DAOs. Most of my insights are sponsored by our smalltalk with Aleks! –– Tania Saveleva, CEO Yandex.SupportAI, Forbes 30-under-30
Together with Aleks, we built our first prototype. He’s been invaluable help to kick-start our business. Now we run 100m$+ in volume. –– Serafim Korablev, CEO, Forbes 30-under-30
Bright-minded! Worked together for 2 years, I was stunned by his insights into any problem –– Alexander Noxon, CEO
Aleks has helped us shape our DeFi product strategy, ultimately reaching over $150 million TVL and making it into the list of the world’s biggest DeFi protocols. –– Noah Boeken, VP

πŸ’― My core competence

  • Shape Product – understand users well and communicate ideas successfully
  • Draw Customers – know how to make people want to use the product
  • Explain Blockchain – Bitcoin since 2014, I know the technology limitations and inner workings very good, know how apply them to the problem at hand

πŸ’― Rates

I charge 200$ / 20 min. Please send to caffeinum.eth

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